We Googled Medicaid. You’ll be Shocked!

Medicaid Google Searches Spike 

Medicaid is on the minds of people throughout the country. From the Pacific Northwest to South Florida, and everything in between, Google Trends data shows that individuals are taking a keen interest in Medicaid, and the information reveals interesting patterns.

Google Trends measures Internet search volume around specific terms. The Modern Medicaid Alliance took a look at what people searched for related to Medicaid. Here’s what we found using a date range of Jan 1, 2017 – July 12, 2017:

Health care searches related to current programs and Medicaid consistently rank high nationwide, even when compared to other important issues like terrorism or illegal immigration.

While a huge portion of the health care discussion and news is focused on the Affordable Care Act (BLUE), across the country more Internet users are searching for information related to Medicaid (RED).

There’s also a sharp increase in Google searches related to losing Medicaid arising this spring and summer.

Finally, numbers show that states with the most users searching for information related to losing Medicaid include North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Georgia.


About the Modern Medicaid Alliance: The Modern Medicaid Alliance is a group of organizations, grassroots advocates, and Medicaid beneficiaries that educate policymakers and the public about the benefits of Medicaid to the American people. The Modern Medicaid Alliance highlights how Medicaid’s innovative solutions are improving health and saving resources with the goal of ensuring the benefits and best practices of today’s Medicaid program help as many of the program’s 70 million beneficiaries as possible.

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