2017 In Review – Modern Medicaid Alliance

The Modern Medicaid Alliance (MMA), which educates policymakers and the public about the benefits of Medicaid, published its 2017 Year End Report. The document details the work MMA and its partners have done to advance coalition goals. Available for download, the report includes:

2017 also brought about the launch of the new MMA Medicaid Dashboard – an interactive online tool and database that tracks national and state-level data, local program details, statistics, and public polling on Medicaid. Further, it offers easily searchable state-by-state information on voters’ views about Medicaid.

MMA continues to maintain resources that highlight Medicaid’s importance to rural communities, school-based health services, women, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. MMA also recently hosted expert panelists at Hoover Institution in DC to discuss the future of Medicaid and innovations strengthening the program.

With a membership base of nearly 40 national organizations and 80 state/local partners, MMA continues to fight for Medicaid. If you would like to share your story about how Medicaid has made a difference in your life, or are an organization that would like to learn more about joining MMA, contact [email protected].