Modern Medicaid Alliance: June Month in Review

As the Medicaid debate in Congress continues to unfold, the Modern Medicaid Alliance is actively working to, educate policymakers and the public about the value of Medicaid. This month has been especially busy as we’ve unveiled our Medicaid Solutions series, met with congressional leaders across the nation, executed a comprehensive digital advertising campaign, and highlighted various populations and individuals benefitting from Medicaid.

We traveled to Michigan to meet with local business, community and health care leaders to discuss the importance of Medicaid across the state, and facilitated conference calls with Senator Capito’s legislative director, as well as the staffers for Senators Flake and Murkowski. “Medicaid Works” was the message delivered and our strategic efforts on social media helped echo this powerful sentiment.

Across the nation, our advertising program has helped bolster our efforts to raise awareness about the impact Medicaid has on local communities. We’re running ads in local publications, national outlets, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, among others.

Our Medicaid Solutions series was officially unveiled as a new effort aimed at informing policymakers and the public about innovative health solutions developed in Medicaid.

We’ve spent June highlighting populations affected by cuts to Medicaid. Johanna Lister, Senior Policy Specialist at ZERO TO THREE, shared how Medicaid significantly impacts the lives of more than 30 million children in America. Using a new report from Georgetown University Center for Children and Families, we shed light on the large number of hard-working Americans in rural communities that depend on the reliable, quality coverage of Medicaid.

The Alliance continues to post stories of how Medicaid works for real, hard-working people across the country. We recently told the story of Paige Brumley, a mother of two children who were adopted from the foster care system and who rely on Medicaid due to their special needs. Morgan from Indiana and Ciara from Kentucky also sat down with the MMA to discuss how Medicaid provided access to pricey health care services that otherwise would have been out of reach.

As we continue our work throughout the summer, we invite you to share stories about how Medicaid has impacted your life or the lives of people you serve. Please visit for Alliance updates and follow us on Twitter @modernmedicaid and