Modern Medicaid Alliance Launches “Medicaid Works” Campaign

Modern Medicaid Alliance Launches “Medicaid Works” Campaign

Nationwide advertising and grassroots education campaign
touts value and success of Medicaid program

Washington, D.C. – Medicaid works. That’s the message of a new national education campaign launched today by the Modern Medicaid Alliance. While political debates and policy discussions about health reform continue, the Modern Medicaid Alliance will educate policymakers and the public about the high value care Medicaid delivers, Medicaid’s innovative solutions that are saving taxpayer dollars and increasing coverage across the country, and the need for Medicaid to remain a strong safety net for Americans.

“Policymakers need to know that innovations in Medicaid programs are resulting in improved health and more efficient use of resources,” said Mary R. Grealy, President of the Healthcare Leadership Council, a Modern Medicaid Alliance partner. “We’re demonstrating that Medicaid is increasingly focused on value, wellness, and patient engagement so states can make informed decisions about the future of this vital program.”

The Modern Medicaid Alliance is kicking off a national campaign that includes:

  • Nationwide organizing of Medicaid supporters, beneficiaries, and Modern Medicaid Alliance partners who will make the case to elected officials at all levels that Medicaid works
  • A national digital advertising campaign that communicates the tremendous value of the Medicaid program
  • Featured stories and activities of how the modern Medicaid program provides solutions that improve health, save resources, and tell the story of beneficiaries whose lives have been improved by Medicaid
  • A national and state specific media campaign in Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia highlighting beneficiary stories and innovative Medicaid programs that improve health and save money

“For Indiana, Medicaid plays a critical role in keeping our economy strong by providing essential resources and tools to keep our hard-working residents healthy,” said Caryl A. Auslander, Vice President of Federal Affairs, Indiana Chamber of Commerce. “It’s absolutely critical that Washington considers both the health and financial ramifications associated with this invaluable coverage option that so many Americans – and Hoosiers – rely on.”

“Medicaid is a cornerstone of American health care. It is an essential program that ensures access to care for those who need it. We must work with policymakers in Washington and around the country to improve Medicaid so that it remains stable and continues to deliver the high-quality care that families rely on,” said Marilyn Tavenner, president and CEO of America’s Health Insurance Plans.

“Medicaid is an essential program providing help and resources to people in need of mental health services,” said Andrew Sperling, Director of Federal Legislative Advocacy, National Alliance On Mental Illness. “We continue to see new innovations within Medicaid all of the time. We need to ensure that Medicaid remains a strong program that helps provide services to those who need them most.”

About the Modern Medicaid Alliance: The Modern Medicaid Alliance is a group of organizations, grassroots advocates, and Medicaid beneficiaries that educate policymakers and the public about the benefits of Medicaid to the American people. The Modern Medicaid Alliance highlights how Medicaid’s innovative solutions are improving health and saving resources with the goal of ensuring the benefits and best practices of today’s Medicaid program help as many of the program’s 70 million beneficiaries as possible.

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April 13, 2017

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