Stakeholders Gather in Michigan to Discuss Value of Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan

Stakeholders Gather in Michigan to Discuss Value of Medicaid,
Healthy Michigan Plan

Innovative programs and approach critical
to healthy families, state, economy

Leaders from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and State Budget Office, together with local business, community and healthcare leaders, joined a forum hosted by the Modern Medicaid Alliance (MMA) to discuss the importance of Medicaid and the state’s innovative Healthy Michigan Plan to families, businesses and communities across Michigan.

“Medicaid works” was the message delivered by participants at the forum held at the Care Free Medical and Dental Clinic in Lansing. Participants discussed the high-value care that Medicaid delivers, the program’s innovative solutions to save taxpayer dollars and improve coverage in Michigan, and the need for Medicaid to remain a strong safety net for families and residents across both peninsulas.

Participants gathered in Lansing, Michigan to discuss the high-value care that Medicaid delivers


“Michigan has been able to make real difference in people’s lives while lowering health care costs and generating economic impact through our approach to Medicaid and the unique Healthy Michigan Plan,” said Nick Lyon, director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. “We have covered nearly 680,000 more Michiganders, which is key to improving health and wellness in our Great Lakes State and building stronger, healthier communities and economy. We think Michigan can serve as a model for the nation.”

The group toured the clinic to get a firsthand look of the care and services provided. “Medicaid and Healthy Michigan have been instrumental in broadening access to essential health care,” said the clinic’s CEO and medical director, Dr. Farhan Bhatti. “For too many, it was a decision between necessities like rent or food, or going to see the doctor. These programs help avoid that horrific dilemma and allow people to lead healthier lifestyles,” Dr. Bhatti said.

Dr. Farhan Bhatti gives participants a tour of Carefree Medical and Dental Clinic in Lansing, Michigan


The Modern Medicaid Alliance is a group of organizations, grassroots advocates and Medicaid beneficiaries that educate policymakers and the public about the benefits of Medicaid. The Modern Medicaid Alliance highlights how Medicaid’s innovative solutions are improving health and saving resources with the goal of ensuring the benefits and best practices of today’s Medicaid program help as many of the program’s 70 million beneficiaries as possible.

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