Red and Blue: Nationwide Poll Shows Majority of Americans Support Medicaid

Red and Blue: Nationwide Poll Shows Majority of Americans Support Medicaid
The Modern Medicaid Alliance released the findings of its 10,000-person poll via the Medicaid Dashboard, a first-of-its kind digital platform 

September 13, 2017 – Washington, D.C. – A 10,000-person nationwide poll conducted by Morning Consult and commissioned by the Modern Medicaid Alliance (MMA) found a strong majority (86 percent) of Americans believe the Medicaid program is important and 64 percent have a favorable view of the services and care it delivers. Using a significantly larger sample size than similar polls, these results show the widespread support for a program that covers more than 70 million beneficiaries.

“Our polling supports an undeniable fact – Americans across the country view Medicaid as a critical safety net that delivers results,” said Rebecca Schieber of the Modern Medicaid Alliance. “Medicaid works, it delivers high quality-care, and people recognize the value it brings to millions of Americans every day.”


The poll results and local-level details can be found on the new MMA Medicaid Dashboard – an interactive online tool and database that tracks national and state level data, local program details, statistics, and public polling on Medicaid. Further, it offers easily searchable state-by-state data on voters’ views about Medicaid.

“The new MMA Medicaid Dashboard is an effective platform to inform and educate local policymakers and consumers to clearly show how Medicaid is helping people in every state,” added Schieber.

“The wealth of data that will be included in this dashboard allows members of my organization to quickly drill down to the state level to highlight real statistics about Medicaid and produce high-quality reports within minutes,” said Andrew Sperling of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, an MMA partner. “This will make explaining and advocating on behalf of Medicaid much easier.”

MMA’s Dashboard compiles the latest data via a new streamlined digital resource for policymakers and their staffs, health organizations, and the public as they’re searching for useful Medicaid information. Future updates will include the latest details about each state’s program, such as covered populations, enrollee statistics, Medicaid waivers, and other useful information.

About the Modern Medicaid Alliance:  The Modern Medicaid Alliance works as a collective group of organizations and grassroots members to educate policymakers and the public about the benefits of Medicaid to the American people and to highlight how Medicaid’s innovative solutions are helping those it serves. with the goal of ensuring the benefits and best practices of today’s Medicaid program can impact as many of the program’s 70 million beneficiaries as possible.

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