About the Alliance

The Modern Medicaid Alliance is a partnership between Americans who value Medicaid and leading advocacy organizations. Our mission is to educate policymakers and the public about the benefits of Medicaid to the American people in terms of cost savings, health outcomes and social impact, and to highlight how Medicaid is innovating in the delivery of care – especially for America’s most vulnerable citizens – and accountability of the program.

The Modern Medicaid Alliance is:

  1. Collaborative: We engage Medicaid beneficiaries, caregivers, family members, and a diverse group of partner organizations to bring a new powerful voice on behalf of today’s Medicaid program and the people it serves.
  2. Educational: We educate policymakers and the American people about the benefits of today’s Medicaid program – how it improves individual health, local communities, and America.
  3. Positive: Today’s Medicaid program offers social, health, and financial benefits to the millions of Americans it serves across the country. We’ll share those success stories.
  4. Solutions-based: We promote health care solutions that work. We are focused on increasing awareness and adoption so every program can deliver better results.
  5. Personal: More than 1 in 5 Americans benefits from Medicaid. Children, older adults, people with disabilities, veterans – millions of Americans from every background and every neighborhood. No 2 beneficiaries are the same – and no 2 stories are the same.

Member Organizations

The Modern Medicaid Alliance is a partnership of Americans who value Medicaid and leading advocacy organizations that believe in the positive results and critical role today’s Medicaid program plays in keeping people healthy and productive. The partners below provide expert guidance to the Modern Medicaid Alliance and engage in activities to further our goals.

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