Advancing Maternal and Child Health through Medicaid

Medicaid plays a vital role in supporting the health and well-being of millions of mothers and children by providing affordable health care coverage that includes a comprehensive set of high-quality services, such as preventive care like screenings and immunizations, chronic disease management, family planning services, well-child visits, and Home- and Community-Based Services.

The Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs (AMCHP), a Modern Medicaid Alliance partner, supports and advocates for Medicaid services for women and children, including children with special health care needs. AMCHP serves as a national partner, resource, and advocate for public health leaders who work to advance the health of women, children, and families. The organization plans targeted programs, advocates for national legislation, and convenes stakeholders to enhance the health of families and communities nationwide.

AMCHP’s Innovation Hub is an online platform that provides maternal and child health (MCH) professionals with tools and resources to explore, build, and share successful and effective practices from the MCH field. Within the Hub, the MCH Innovations Database includes several practices and policies grounded in evidence that have a nexus to Medicaid. For example, Prenatal Plus is a Medicaid-funded program in Colorado that provides care coordination, nutrition, and mental health counseling to Medicaid-eligible pregnant women who are at a higher risk for delivering low birthweight infants.

The Hub’s Implementation Toolkits provide evidence-based practices, reports, publications, and resources to MCH professionals for program planning specific to each Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant National Performance Measure (NPM). Many of the toolkits make connections to the role Medicaid plays in supporting maternal and child health. For example, AMCHP’s toolkit for NPM 3, “Risk-Appropriate Perinatal Care,” includes “Partnership with/Expansion of Medicaid” as one of the critical strategic approaches necessary to achieve this measure. The toolkit highlights the role Medicaid plays in ensuring mothers and babies placed at risk receive the care they need and underscores the positive impact that expanding Medicaid has on the health of reproductive-age women. Similarly, the toolkit for NPM 15, “Continuous and Adequate Insurance,” highlights the key role that Medicaid plays in children’s health insurance coverage.

AMCHP also leverages its Pulse newsletter, issue briefs, learning modules, blogs, and other publications to highlight the strong connections between Medicaid and maternal and child health. Recent publications include:

For more information on AMCHP’s policy and advocacy efforts, click this link.

You can also check out the Modern Medicaid Alliance’s Medicaid and Maternal Health Toolkit.