Expanded Medicaid Dashboard Provides New Resources

During the 2019 AHIP National Conference on Medicare and Medicaid, the Modern Medicaid Alliance was excited to announce a significant expansion of our “Medicaid Dashboard” — a unique one-stop-shop clearinghouse of Medicaid data that includes state-specific research, information, and polling.

The expanded version of the Dashboard provides rich information on high levels of support for the Medicaid program and opposition to program funding cuts in all 50 states. Year-over-year updated data on the site shows a significant increase in favorability toward the program nationwide – with some states seeing up to a 15% jump in just the past two years.

We know that’s a testament to the advocacy and collaboration of Alliance members and partners to support the Medicaid program across the country. But we’ll let the data speak for itself:

  • 87% of Americans say it’s important to have a strong, sustainable Medicaid program in the U.S.
  • 72% of Americans have a favorable view of Medicaid. That’s an 8 percentage point increase from just 2 years ago.
  • Fewer than 20% of Americans support cutting Medicaid funding.

The Alliance will engage in an extensive social media and digital advertising campaign through October to reach policymakers and advocates who can benefit from the tools available in the Medicaid Dashboard.

About the Medicaid Dashboard

The Alliance initially launched the Medicaid Dashboard in 2017 in collaboration with Morning Consult as a customizable web resource that:

  • Allows visitors to easily view, parse and interact with integrated Medicaid datasets;
  • Gives users the ability to convert data into social sharing and email content or build reports to be used for presentations or as one-pagers or leave-behinds for use on Capitol Hill; and,
  • Features polling results focused on today’s modern Medicaid program.