Medicaid: An Essential Safety Net When Americans Need It Most

Medicaid is an essential safety net for Americans from all walks of life. Being the largest health care program in the U.S., it covers millions of Americans from a range of diverse backgrounds. From preventive care and annual check-ups to Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS), the program delivers high-quality health care services to Americans when they need it most. In fact, the vast majority of those enrolled in Medicaid report having regular access to the care they need. Below are stories demonstrating how Medicaid helps Americans lead happier and healthier lives.


Today, nearly 2 million veterans rely on Medicaid as a safety net. While veterans are offered coverage for a range of health care services through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), many veterans live too far from VA facilities to access necessary services. This is especially true for veterans who live in rural communities. Quint Nyman is one of these veterans. Living in Montana, Quint relies on Medicaid for closer proximity to needed health care.


Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provide an essential safety net for more than 37 million children. The program covers nearly half of all births nationwide, as well as a range of other essential care and services that keep children happy any healthy. For children like Bailee Walker, Medicaid allows her to access the specialists and care she needs to thrive in school and at home.

People with Disabilities

Millions of Americans need consistent and reliable health services and supports – such as home and community-based services and  LTSS – because of a disability or chronic illness. Medicaid helps Americans of all ages who live with a disability access these essential services. Alyson Ball’s son is one of these Americans. Medicaid helps him manage his cerebral palsy so he can continue to pursue his passions.

These stories are just a few examples of the essential health care coverage that Medicaid provides. Stories like Quint’s, Bailee’s, and Alyson’s demonstrate why 86% of Americans believe it’s important to have a strong, sustainable Medicaid program.

The Modern Medicaid Alliance, alongside our partners, understands the crucial role the program plays. Together, we are dedicated to protecting and strengthening the Medicaid program for these Americans.

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