Medicaid and Mental Health Toolkit

Download our Medicaid & Mental Health Toolkit.

More than 52 million adults across the United States are affected by mental illness each year. Mental health conditions have long-lasting consequences, especially for minority populations and underserved communities, who tend to face a disproportionately high burden of disability from mental health challenges.

Everyone deserves access to effective and affordable mental health support and counseling. As the single largest payer for mental health services, Medicaid plays a unique role in the lives of Americans with mental health challenges – and it’s more important than ever that we continue to strengthen this vital program.

While efforts to address mental health conditions have been a focus in Medicaid at the federal level in recent years, the COVID-19 crisis continues to exacerbate mental health challenges across the country.

Modern Medicaid Alliance partners are stepping up to address these challenges and support those who need it most. The Modern Medicaid Alliance is committed to working together to improve access to mental health support for every patient who needs it, and will work to ensure Medicaid is strong and sustainable to support the millions of Americans who rely on it.

Download our Medicaid & Mental Health Toolkit.