Medicaid Coverage Meets Chronic Health Care Needs

The Medicaid program delivers health insurance coverage to more than 75 million Americans, each with unique health care needs and from different backgrounds. From veterans to children to those with disabilities, Medicaid provides a safety net for Americans when they need it the most.

This includes people who have serious chronic conditions, like asthma, diabetes, and mood disorders. A new study shows that Medicaid coverage helps them get the care they need to manage these serious health problems much better than people who are uninsured. Research shows that when covered by Medicaid…

  • People with asthma were more likely to receive inhalers and recommended medicines than the uninsured, who went to emergency rooms and saw doctors more frequently.
  • People with diabetes received monitoring services like annual cholesterol tests, eye exams, and foot exams more often than the uninsured.
  • People with mood disorders—depressive or bipolar disorders—were more likely to receive a recommended combination of medication and psychotherapy treatments than the uninsured.

These findings show that Medicaid works—from accessing life-saving medical devices to receiving preventive care, Americans can depend on Medicaid.

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