Medicaid Millennials

In the next few years, Millennials are poised to become the single largest American demographic, overtaking the Baby Boomer population. Maybe they have already, depending on how you look at it. And whether you’re a Millennial, Boomer, a member of the Silent Generation, or somewhere in between, there’s no denying this generation is rapidly changing the way Americans live, work, play – and think about health care.

Something often lost in the health care conversation, though, is the key role Medicaid plays in supporting Millennials. The program covers 8.6 million young adults and provides them vital quality and affordable health care coverage.

Millennials with Medicaid are often students and employees who are unable to receive health insurance through work. In fact, the uninsured rates among young adults who are employed are one-third higher than older employees.

This generation faces the same challenges as any other when it comes to health:

Millennials are starting off like other generations by spending their time studying, launching careers, and building a new family – they deserve the peace of mind that comes from having reliable and affordable health care coverage. Medicaid is a safety net when they need it the most.